Why we do it!?

We  have developed the PhysiPet Pet Exercise toy to help pets live a more productive and active life while co-habitating with their Human friends. We believe that the PhysiPet is an Open platform for Pet and Owner to develop their best workout regimen to enhance their lives. There are many options to exercising and entertaining pets, and we would like for you to consider the PhysiPet for your dog or cat to stimulate them both mentally and physically.

Products like the PhysiPet, will encourage your pet to interact better with its environment and your home. By introducing a productive outlet for “excess energy” from Lack of exercise or attention the PhysiPet will improve the relationship between many pets and their owners!

Harry playing with the Small PhysiPet_First Introduction

Catnip toys attached to the PhysiPet will entertain cats for Hours! No more loosing balls under the couch or appliances, the PhysiPet will define the play area for all your pets and their toys!!

You can attach any parent approved toy to the PhysiPet to encourage play when you are away or when guests visit. The PhysiPet is a great way to keep hyper-active dogs calm and focused on a productive toy with a task!

Great toy for puppies and doggy parties.  The PhysiPet is a wonderful toy to socialize you dog and stay active and mentally stimulated!