“This is a photo of Jamie Sharper, Sharon Tarlano, Jude Waddy, and Chuck_Wagon at the www.superperexpo.com in Chantilly March 19, 2011 after Sharon discovered a new way to use the PhysiPet. Sharon mentioned that she needed Chuck-Wagon (her Canine Service Companion) to strengthen his pull and tug when Sharon requires him to do so! She has recently incouraged her fellow members of Canine Partners for Life, www.k94life.org , a chance to see the PhysiPet and imagine how this tool can improve the performance of their Service Companions while offering a chance to have an enjoyable way to exercise!!”

“Years ago, I adopted the cutest little Pomeranian I had ever laid eyes on. Jinx was so calm, all while watching his brothers run and wrestle in their play pen. I just knew he would be the ideal companion as I embarked on my new adventure to New York City: precocious, poised and small enough to fit into a pocket book—perfect! Wrong!  Not only did he douse my vision of caring around a ‘pocket book pooch’ by doubling in size and officially morphing into a ‘duffle bag dog,’ he completely fooled me with his calm and quite facade. Although Pomeranians are known to be a high energy breed of free spirits, I believed I had lucked up. Wrong again!  Jinx keeps himself busy by running laps around the apartment, hurdling over furniture, torturing tennis balls, and stealing socks that mistakenly fall to the floor. I needed something to keep his attention. I found myself spending hundreds of dollars a year on tons of toys that would squeak, spin and sparkle, just to throw them onto the ever growing pile of untouched toys Jinx quickly deemed unworthily of his time and attention. When he was introduced to PhysiPet he simply shut up and stared at the ‘green beast’ before him for hours, calm and quietly… priceless. He has since worked up his courage and charges at the PhysiPet as if he were a linebacker! Now when I assemble the PhysiPet and place it on the floor he views it as a reward for his good behavior, better than any pat on his head. I strongly recommend PhysiPet to any pet owner and plan on purchasing one for all of the pet lovers in my life!”

J. Corbin

New York City, NY