Gallery of PhysiPet interactions

My 1st Cat test subject for the PhysiPetA group of Puppies and small dogs at Fetch Club NYC with a Small PhysiPet

Try one for Your Pet Today!!

Frisky Cat trying out the Small PhysiPet

Trade Show Display @ Super Pet Expo-Chantilly, Va.

Fun with the PhysiPet at the Super Pet Expo_2011

Lexxy Getting Tough with her Medium PhysiPet

!? Can We take it home ?!

South African Boerboel and the Medium PhysiPet

Staffordshire Terrier and the PhysiPet

Brownie having fun inside with his Medium PhysiPet

Brooklyn playing with the "Prototype" Medium PhysiPet Super Bowl Sunday 2011

Medium PhysiPet with 2 Puppies

2 Boerboel Puppies and a Medium PhysiPet (weighted w/Treat Ball Attached)

Envy found her way Back to the Treat Dispensing toy attached to the Medium PhysiPet!!

2 Puppies and a Medium PhysiPet

20 minutes into their off leash time.. still interacting with the PhysiPet