The PhysiPet Story

We all want our pets to be happy and healthy. When NFL athlete Jude Waddy watched his German Shepherd Lexy struggle with rolling a rock up and down a hill in a game of fetch, he wondered, “What pet fitness toy would better stimulate Lexy with mental and physical fun than a rock?”

He couldn’t find an interactive pet toy anywhere to keep up with Lexy that didn’t require him to be on the other end of it.

Jude and his partners Jamie Sharper and Michael McGowan invented the breakthrough PhysiPet toy for Lexy and then decided to make it available to pets everywhere. They wanted their dogs and cats to experience great fun in a challenging and satisfying way.

The PhysiPet’s unique resistance and sway allows dogs and cats to chase and play in the ultimate game of Tug of War with the toy. PhysiPet’s strength and endurance mirrors that of the animal, because they are effectively playing Tug of War against themselves. The PhysiPet toy games keep changing with the toy and treat attachments, keeping the pets’ attention and interest level up high. Indestructible and mobile, PhysiPet works on any surface, indoors or outside, a truly durable pet toy.

PhysiPet was tested first on Lexy and a Jack Russell named Alice, and then by all kinds of dogs in a doggie daycare. The result? Pets having fun while strengthening their physical agility and mental sharpness.

Available in three styles for different weights, PhysiPet toys provide hours of entertainment.