What’s A PhysiPet Anyway?

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Does your dog love Tug of War play? Does your cat love to chase toys?

The PhysiPet brings chase, Tug of War and interactive play together in one indestructible, mobile interactive toy, perfect for energetic cats and dogs.

The PhysiPet is a creative pet toy that uses resistance and rotation, letting your pet grab and pull a toy or treat, on any indoor or outdoor surface. Just attach a favorite toy or treat to the PhysiPet and watch your dog or cat get a stimulating mental and physical workout while having fun! In fact, you can add additional weight for larger dogs, increasing the challenge to match their strength. And you can store the toys and treats right inside the PhysiPet, so you’ll always have what you need when your pet wants to play.

Great for multiple-pet households, busy pet parents, apartment dwellers, rainy-day play, traveling families – the PhysiPet interactive pet toy offers hours of fun and exercise for pets. PhysiPet reacts to your pet’s output, recoiling and swaying to provide excitement and pet fitness.

Snowy day? Teething puppy? Bring fun to your pets’ lives and enhance their strength and endurance with the most exciting pet wellness toy, the PhysiPet.