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What is a PhysiPet?

A PhysiPet is a Pet Exercise & Entertainment toy that promotes health and mental stimulation.

How does it work?

The PhysiPet works by attaching one of your pet’s toys to the PhysiPet, allowing them to work off energy while attempting to retrieve their attached toy.

Which one is best for my pet?

For Cats- the Small PhysiPet for Cats is best for all cats; Small Dogs (less than 25lbs) – The Small PhysiPet for dogs is best; Medium & Large Dogs- the Medium PhysiPet will be best.

Why is it Hollow?

The PhysiPet is Hollow to allow the owner to store unused toys inside the base of the PhysiPet helping the pet focus on the attached toy. By storing items in the base, the overall weight is increased to give your pet a vigorous workout.

What can I attach to the PhysiPet?

Almost any safe, parent approved toy can be attached to the PhysiPet. Anything that will encourage interaction, in a safe way can be attached to the 2 end leash or the 3 end leash.

Where can I use the PhysiPet?

The PhysiPet can be used indoors and outdoors. Any surface will work for the PhysiPet. The PhysiPet is made to move and Slide when your pet exerts enough energy to do so. This is the second manner in which the PhysiPet exercises your pet.

What happens if something breaks on the PhysiPet?

If one of the components breaks on the PhysiPet, it can be replaced by ordering that part online. If the PhysiPet is used properly, the PhysiPet will be VERY tough to break!!

How long is the retraction cable?

For the small unit for Cats, the cable length is 22in; for small unit for Dogs is 32 in; for the medium unit the length is 36in.

How many pets can play at once?

As many pets as you can safely fit in an area or playpen. The PhysiPet is great for teething puppies in a pen, or dogs not able to socialize with others in a play environment.

Will the PhysiPet keep my pet from destroying the furniture?

The PhysiPet will deter your pets from destroying your home, as long as an appropriate stimulant is attached to encourage interaction, or provide a more interesting thing to chew and taste.

How should I let my pet play with the PhysiPet?

Ways to introduce a pet to the PhysiPet is to attach a strong stimulant (favorite toy or treat dispensing toy) to the leash and use your finger to play tug-o-war with your pet. This will familiarize the pet with the tugging action, making the transition easier. Introduce the PhysiPet during treat time or play time to associate play and treats with the PhysiPet.

When the pet is finished playing, what to do next?

When your pet is finished playing or becomes too frustrated, just detach the stimulant and allow your pet to play with their toy and remove the PhysiPet until it is needed again. You pet will now be calmer and mentally stimulated!

Be sure not to restrict the PhysiPet from moving!

By doing so, you risk the chance of irrevocably damaging the retraction module, and frustrating your pet in the process. By sliding and moving the PhysiPet avoids creating aggressive tendencies.