136th Westminster Dog Show

136th Annual Westminster Dog Show

The Westminster Dog Show was a great event from the benching areas, to the Theater, where the “breed best” are judged against the standard! We were able to see the personality of the dogs, and their owners and the excitement both share during an event like the Westminster. We were given insight into the core personality of many breeds and how they became that way.  Training, purpose of job or tasks, and breed characteristics were core reasons that explained temperment and play habits for most breeds. Some dogs, did not respond to the same characteristics most of the breed exhibits.  These dogs truly had their own personality and very Particular play habits! Many had set regimens that often revolved around an upcoming event.

I learned quite a lot about the training these dogs go through to become some of the “Breed’s Best”. I also found out about the different dietary regiments the various breeders implemented to keep their dogs in the best physical shape or to allow them treats throughout their training. One owner showed me a McDonald’s Bag that his dog knew meant something good for him, where another dog was absolutely beside itself because it knew it would get an ice cream treat once he won his competition! I enjoyed the various cuts of the pets and the how many of the dogs mirrored their owners.

Once the competition was underway, the atmosphere changed. It seemed like the start of a Football Game, and the dogs knew it was show time. It was cool to see the dogs and their reaction when they and their handlers felt they had a good showing. The dogs Pace would change and you could see the confidence emitted through their trot! I really liked some of the bigger dogs shown in the first day. I saw breeds I never knew existed, like the Xoloitzcuintli (XO or Mexican hairless). There was a tall representative of the breed in the show that was spectacular.  I loved to see the German shepherd win its herding class, and hoped it would place better in the Best in Show. I was able to take some pictures at the show. I hope you enjoy them!

Nikki Moustaki with David Frei Spokesperson of the Westminster Dog Show

Xoloitzcuintli or Mexican hairless


Martha Steward's Chow

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