FIDO Friendly / PhysiPet PUDGY Pet Weight Loss Contest

PhysiPet entered a contest with FIDO Friendly to test the PhysiPet and other Interactive Pet Products and Treats that encourage weight loss. FIDO Friendly chose 4 Contestants to Test our products and determine which products work best for their pets and gave feedback! The Contestants are:

Champ~ Champ is a pudgy Pit bull owned by Janice T. He now weighs 103.7 pounds. The vet wants him around 85 pounds. He is 7 years old and its been a struggle trying to get weight off of him and keeping it off. His weight chart looks like a roller coaster ride. But mostly up over 100 pounds…

Maggie~ Maggie’s story is a little different then most.  She was rescued  from Craigslist on 11/19/13 by Christina R. from years of neglect. She hasn’t stayed in a home for very long according to the person who had her for only 3 days. She only ate people food and when they got her home, she weighed a whopping 36 lbs. They know this is horrible for a dachshund. Her breathing is horrible…

Riley’o Shea

Jenifer W owner of Riley’o Shea. He’s not a ton over weight but enough that he needs help with a diet. They walk 3 times a day with their other dog as well and can’t shed the pounds. He has bad allergies and had to change food but still no weight loss. They hoping with our help that he could lose a few pounds and hey maybe help with allergies too. He’s around 20/21 pounds and think 15 was ideal. Riley’s gotta look good for the ladies so any help would be good.


Our Harley is a 5 yr old Lab weighing 106 lbs. She’s 26 lbs overweight for her age & breed.  She’s a rescue & we got her 3 months ago.  We love her so much & want to keep her around & healthy as long as possible & could use all the help we can to get her weight down to 80 lbs where she should be for her age. Betty W

I also want to include Chaise:

Chaise was one of my FIRST Weight Loss Clients that the PhysiPet Treated! See the Introduction video and the Pictures showing the end result! 

6 Months Later:  10lbs Lighter

Chase After PhysiPet Training 6 Weeks

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