French bulldog Puppy “Sophie” and her New PhysiPet Interactive Dog Toy~PhysiPet

Sophie’s New Toy

I was sent the best video of the 1st introduction between a French bulldog puppy and a Medium PhysiPet. We attached  her favorite toy, a treat dispensing toy. “Sophie” our newest PhysiPet model, will have a blast with her new best friend, the PhysiPet, while mom and dad are away at work! Sophie loves to play tug-o-war with her PhysiPet, and the PhysiPet will play with her until she changes the game. The PhysiPet can change with her. The Game can switch from keep away, tug-o-war, to sled drag. We anticipate many new videos from Sophie and her family.. Consider a PhysiPet for your pet family member today!! Enjoy!!

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