Get more stimulation out of your Pet and your Pet’s toys with a PhysiPet

Best Dog Toys for Rainy Days or Solitary Pets

Not Everyone can have a best friend to play with all day like these two!!


Many pets will play with a toy or treat until it is consumed or you physically interact with the pet and toy. This can alter the perception of what a truly interactive pet toy is.  There are some puzzle toys and pet interactive “smart” toys available for dogs and cats, but these toys offer less than 3 minutes of interaction before it must be refilled or staged to operate again. The PhysiPet will offer hours of continuous fun for any dog or cat without the need to reset or re-stage the toy over and over again! No longer will any pet owner have to search under the couch or fridge to retrieve a favorite ball or plaything..

We offer a Fully Interactive Experience for your Dog or Cat with the PhysiPet and your pet’s favorite toy or treat (in a treat dispensing toy like Hol-EE Roller or Kong treat toys), weight down the PhysiPet enough to provide a stimulating exercise and that’s it! On rainy days, the weather, or time of day restricts you from taking your dog outside, the PhysiPet can be a great way to get your dog mental and physical stimulation to enrich your dogs life. The PhysiPet will keep your dog’s toys from rolling under the couch or otherwise unreachable and frustrating your dog, which can lead to barking or destruction of property.

The Best toy for any dog or cat is a pet owner interacting with their pet’s favorite toy or dispensing treats before, during, or after play. We offer the PhysiPet as a way to get your pet to use all it’s senses with a stimulating attachment specifically tailored for YOUR pet’s maximum entertainment.  The PhysiPet can be used to store unused toys or treats inside the hollow base acting as a storage chest while increasing the overall weight of the unit to provide the proper stimulation for your pet indoors or outdoors!

After 10 minutes of Play.. Exhausted!!

Consider a PhysiPet for your

  • Overweight dog or cat
  • Noisy neighbors barking dog(s)
  • A gift for a loving pet owner
  • Tool for your local doggy day care center
  • A fun treat for your pet while you are away
  • A rainy day activity for your dog or cat

Below is a video of a chubby dog playing with The PhysiPet at 3x normal speed. Watch Chaise get a rigorous workout with the PhysiPet after a long day of waiting for Chaise’s owner to return home from work.

Chaise Playing with the Medium PhysiPet and a Hol-EE Roller treat toy attached

The PhysiPet is a truly interactive pet toy for any pet. Attach any toy to the PhysiPet and watch your pet get a different response every time !

Here are a few ways to attach your pet’s toys

This option has the toy wrapped around the retraction module and clipped to the retraction cable


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