Great day at the Chantilly Super Pet Expo March 18 – 20, 2011

PhysiPet made it’s first appearance at the annual Super Pet Expo in Chantilly, Va this weekend March 18 – March 20. We were able to demonstrate the features of the PhysiPet. The best aspects of the PhysiPet that the Chantilly Pet owners noticed are the social aspects of the PhysiPet for multiple pet households and the way the PhysiPet addresses the Separation Anxiety phenomenon. We have hours of footage of Pets from Minature Pinchers and English Mastiffs playing with both the Medium and Small PhysiPet.

PhysiPet Booth #327

The PhysiPet set up for the Super Pet Expo

We had a great day meeting all the wonderful Dogs and Cats this weekend and watching the Pets of Chantilly find a new toy to call their own. The Majority of the pets interacting with the PhysiPet this weekend favored the Treat Inspired Toys (those that dispense goodies when the Pet interacts with it).  We feel the excitement of the Expo and the New Smells and New people and animals to meet excited a lot of the pets in attendance, but in the true nature of the PhysiPet, we found an attachment that strongly urged the Pets to come and test out our product!

Interested Pet at the Super Pet Expo

A new friend and the Small PhysiPet with a Treat Inspired Toy attached

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