Hillside PhysiPet Dog Park Test

PhysiPet Big Dog Play Date @ Hillside Dog Park


Today we attended a great meet-up with Big dogs like Odin (Grt Dane) and Mansie (Boxer)! We were able to observe a Great Dane, Boxer, and Chow Mix interacting with the PhysiPet at the same time. The PhysiPet put worries of big dog play to rest, as Odin lead the way teaching the other dogs how to play with the PhysiPet! The Pet Parents were all very curious about the PhysiPet and enjoyed watching the dogs playing with it! There were no issues with toy aggression, just dogs that wanted to stay and play with the PhysiPet than go home. The Hillside Dog Park was a perfect test for the PhysiPet because the location of the Park is surrounded by distractions that could lessen the focus of the dogs. 

We observed all types of play, digging, chasing, & tugging with the PhysiPet at the center of the action. This is a great test for group play.  Many pet owners don’t have the ability to provide group play for their dogs.  The PhysiPet is a great indoor substitute for outside play when the weather is bad, or to dissipate a hyper-active dog. See the video and let us know what you think!





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