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All dogs like to chew! This is not always a bad thing. A dog has 4 ways to interact with its environment: Sight, Sound, Touch and Taste. Unfortunately, the touch and taste aspect of a dogs way to EXPLORE their environment can often lead to destruction. Sometimes the chewing behavior is misdirected and focused on furniture, pillows, electronics, or anything that is within reach! Even though you may leave toys, bones, rawhide, and treat dispensing toys for your dogs to chew, your favorite pair of shoes or valued collectibles are often the target for these seemingly cruel beasts. This is NOT done on purpose.  Most dogs choose to chew your personal items because they have your scent on them, or they notice you interacting with it, and want your attention. Dogs are curious  beings and they are VERY observant. Understanding this may still leave some very destructive pets without homes due to frustrated pet parents.

Destructive behavior can be addressed in a number of ways. Some pet parents find that increasing the amount of exercise their dogs receive will help dissipate some of their energy.  Other dogs are destructive to get attention from their owners because of extended periods of being left alone at home (separation anxiety) or boredom due to being confined to a pen or small space.  Loud noises, construction, fireworks, or a lot of pedestrian traffic (where your pet can see) can cause your dog to chew and destroy as well.  It is very important to know that your dog does not hate you or intend to frustrate you, this is just a reaction to another issue your pet is dealing with.  Knowing this, and observing the “triggers” that cause your dog to destroy can help you discover the best way to treat your pet’s bad tendencies. Finding the appropriate stimulating exercise or toy to stimulate their mind can be the cure for your dogs destructive habits.

We have developed the PhysiPet to treat this tendency in dogs. The PhysiPet will give your dog a “task” to accomplish without frustrating your pet.  The PhysiPet is exercise and stimulation for the mind & body of your dog! By attaching your pets favorite toy or a toy that dispenses treats will occupy your dog while it is home alone or in a confined space.  Ensuring that your dog is stimulated mentally or physically will enrich their lives during their time alone.

Remember many pets will try and eat their chew toys, requiring you to monitor their interaction with them, but the PhysiPet will keep these chew toys from being totally destroyed.  The PhysiPet can also be used to store a pet’s unused toys within the hollow base to act as a toy chest, allowing your pet to focus on a few toys at a time instead of “hoarding” all it’s toys, and quickly loosing interest.  Try new toys and introduce new walking routes, or games to your dog, to try and curb its destructive tendencies.  Remember dogs chew destructively because of boredom, phobias, separation anxiety, or attention.  Try not to punish your dog for these behaviors, because in most cases it is a result of your lack of attention to the warning signs that your dog is exhibiting and the destructive behavior is the “cry for help”! Happy Parenting!!

Exercise for one and All

PhysiPet for Large Dogs

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