New PhysiPet Dog Toy Commercial *Coming Soon*

Happy New Year Pet enthusiasts!

We have recently begun producing a NEW PHYSIPET DOG TOY commercial! Our commercial will show how the PhysiPet will address many issues Pet Owners face when raising pets.  The Stills are from our media Production Team at Indie City in Los Angeles, headed by James Huffman, a great friend and consultant. We hope to have our commercial ready within the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for US! Have a look at a few of the Stills from our shoot and let us know what you think! Remember, a BORED DOG is a SAD DOG, so ENRICH your DOG’S life with a PHYSIPET in those moments you are away from your pets! ENJOY..

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Many Pets suffer from Separation Anxiety when their owners leave the home for work, or leisure resulting in undesirable behavior exhibited in destructive tendencies or other forms of expression that could stress the Pet/Pet Owner relationship. PhysiPet is the solution for this dilemma!

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