PhysiPet and the Humane Society of New York

PhysiPet Product Review and Test at the Humane Society of New York

Humane Society of New York Staff and PhysiPet

We had a great day at the Humane Society of New York today. We were able to test the small PhysiPet with a few of the cats at the rescue, and the Larger unit on the roof with 3 different dogs. We tested 1st with a female Pitbull, who quickly figured out how to retrieve the treat from the Holee-Roller attached to the PhysiPet proving how intelligent this breed is.  The 2nd tester was a large yellow lab. The Labrador retriever was ball motivated, so we inserted his ball into the Holee-Roller, and he worked and played with the PhysiPet for the entire test (15 minutes). The final tester was a little Bulldog named Zoe. She was very active and immediately took to the PhysiPet. She loved the rope toy we attached to the PhysiPet. She pulled and shook the rope, and tackled the PhysiPet over and over. This was the most active interaction of the day.

Large Yellow Lab and the PhysiPet

We were joined by Diane West from New York Tails Magazine, and her assistant Courtney Kistler; William Berloni (Tony Award Recipient for Animal Training) and his Daughter Dorothy; Anne-Marie Karash Associate Director of the Humane Society of New York; and a number of handlers and trainers witnessing the interaction of the dogs/cats and the PhysiPet.

Medium PhysiPet and the Bulldog

We were able to capture some great shots of the Dogs and Cats interacting with the PhysiPet and we learned a lot from William Berloni.  William was able to share some insights on how to use the PhysiPet as an exercise tool for the different breeds, like a shorter session for the Bulldog and a longer session for the Labrador! We will eagerly await the evaluation of the product test, and with what we have seen so far are very favorable!!  We will post the link to the radio show when it becomes available next week! Till then, enjoy the pictures and video!! All the pets in the test are available for adoption!! Visit the Humane Society or your local shelter today and give a great pet a FOREVER HOME!! Enjoy the Video!!

Humane Society PhysiPet Product Review for New York Tails Magazine


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