PhysiPet Interactive Dog Toy for Bored Dogs* Commercial

PhysiPet Commercial

Hello Dog Enthusiasts,

We would like to share our latest commercial for our PhysiPet Interactive Dog Toy! Send us an email & tell us what you think and we will send you a %30 discount code for your PhysiPet Purchase! Help enrich your dog’s life with a great interactive toy that will stimulate your dog mentally and physically. Attach a favorite toy or treat to encourage interaction, put unused toys and treats inside the PhysiPet to weigh it down for an intense workout for any pet! The PhysiPet is a great toy for Big Dogs. Keep your Dog’s Toys from under the furniture & define your dog’s play area!


and a recent test with an energetic dog named   

               Spider & Friends 

            Double CLICK window to BEGIN video 

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