Pre Westminster Fashion Show @ Hotel Pennsylvania NYC 2/10/2012

Pre Westminster Fashion Show 2012

PhysiPet at the Westminster

Wow!! What an event for the Pre Westminster Fashion Show!! We did not expect to see so many sights and to have so many great pet enthusiasts at this event! We made so many great new friends and even saw some old friends too, like Nikki Moustacki, Bocker the Labradoodle and Marie (Bocker’s Mom), Rick Caran, Gregg Oehler (the organizor of the event), The Doggie Mom’s (Erika Searl and Cubby, Ashley Esperanza her two little lovelies, andKaren Biehl and Eli), and many more.

Maria Milito from Q104.3 on Air Personality

We were able to capture a lot of images of the Pets in attendance interacting with the two PhysiPet units we made available. We attached a treat ball called a Holee-Roller™ by JW Pet Products (Awesome Product) that allows pets to see and smell the treat within the Holee-Roller™, but not as easy to get it. By attaching it to the PhysiPet it encouraged all the Pets to play and tug the PhysiPet, but did not allow the pets to chew and work on the toy to bite through, destroying the Holee-Roller™ and getting the treat inside it! Many owners stated they had tried the product, but their pets had destroyed it, as all pets could if given the chance to take it somewhere and continuously work at a specific section of the treat ball! The PhysiPet does not allow this to happen, to the amazement of the pet owners, and they immediately saw the potential, that the PhysiPet would increase the lifespan of all their pet’s toys and playthings!!

Bockers the Labradoodle and the PhysiPet

There was a Fashion show for Pets and Pet Parents during the event! We were able to catch a few very colorful shots of Pets and Pet Parents in Cabaret masks and full costumes. We saw a doggie king, numerous doggie princesses, and a variety of costumes that would take a long story to describe! All costumes were in Great fun and did NOT seem to make any of the pets uncomfortable or crabby.  We saw a purple dog (with a lion’s haircut) and a few Orange Tiger Pups!

Wow Factor at the Pre Westminster Fashion Show

We made great friends with the other vendors in attendance, and we were neighbors with Lite Craft a cool way to accessorize your pets’s outfit or give a poster more presence. We saw personalized stories with YOUR pet as the Narrator, very cool and a great way to encourage reading.

We were able to also get a ton of video with the pets, big and small, interacting with the PhysiPet. I learned that the size of the pet did NOT determine the toy chosen. We had Teacup Yorkies playing with the Larger PhysiPet and full grown German Shepherds playing with the Small PhysiPet. I found that they had their own Favorites and made their choices accordingly!

Finding fun with the Medium PhysiPet and the attached Treat Ball

Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for more!!


And Even More Pictures


Ashley Eve Speranza


Nikki Poustaki and Pearl



German Shepherd and the PhysiPet

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