Puppy Play Date @ Kiki’s Pet Spa with PhysiPet

Hello PhysiPals and Pets,

We were fortunate to be invited to Kiki’s Pet Spa www.kikispetspa.com in Williamsburg [60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY] Monday June 11, 2012 for a Puppy Play date hosted by Empire of the Dog www.empireofthedog.com . The play dates are Mondays and Thursdays.  A few adult dogs present today to keep the excitable puppies in line and show them a positive way to interact with each other and with toys to share in a neutral environment! We were able to introduce a PhysiPet or three to the pups and adult dogs throughout the sessions.

We had an opportunity to give a VERY energetic pup “BagPipe”, a personal play session SEE VIDEO Here: Bagpipe In Action with the PhysiPet with the PhysiPet, to allow him a way to burn off some of his excess energy to better interact with the other dogs! There was a very curious named Scooter that could not get enough of the PhysiPet and the treat toy attached.  The pups at the play date took their turn interacting with the curious toy in their play area. Even with all the excitement with new people and smells, the pups and dogs were still very interested in the PhysiPet and took moments off from romping to play alone or with a parent or puppy pal and the PhysiPet!

The trainers had a graduation after the puppy play date, and allowed us an opportunity to introduce the PhysiPet.  They loved the interaction and action of the PhysiPet.  One intuitive dog tried to get his owner involved by trying to place the attached treat toy in his owner’s lap meanwhile, the normal action of the PhysiPet continued to return the Toy to the PhysiPet base and the starting position!

Before we concluded our demonstration at Kiki’s in Williamsburg, we were able to interact with a very treat motivated Bully Breed. She played with the PhysiPet in bliss for 6 minutes non-stop. We have included this clip and a few others in a short video capturing the event. We had a great time and hope to have the opportunity to interact at puppy play dates like Empire of the Dog.  Remember, if you have a dog that is very intelligent but left home alone with nothing but an inanimate chew toy, this intelligent dog will FIND something else to occupy your dog’s attention. We offer the PhysiPet as a complete entertainment/treat dispensing/ environment enhancing toy that will instantly Stimulate your dog’s MIND and BODY!! ENJOY THE VIDEO BELOW:


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