Super Pet Expo 2011 Chantilly

Hey Pet Fans,
Come visit booth #327 to see the PhysiPet in action. We will have Small (Cat) PhysiPets, Small (Dog) PhysiPets, and Medium PhysiPets. There will be opportunities to test the PhysiPet with your Pet(s) when you come by.  We will have a video loop of the PhysiPet with Puppies, Pit Bulls, and Cats!! Come by and find out more about the best way to exercise your  pet while increasing the lifespan of your pets favorite playthings. 

We will have Jamie Sharper, from the Super Bowl Champions Baltimore Ravens present at booth #327 on Saturday and Sunday!
Come by and say hello, and see the PhysiPet!!

Medium PhysiPet on display at Fetch Club NYC

Medium (Premium) PhysiPet (Dual Retractors)Trio of PhysiPet ToysTrio of PhysiPet ToysTrio of PhysiPet Toys

Trio of PhysiPets Small and Medium

Trio of PhysiPet Toys

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