The PhysiPet at the HH Backer Pet Industry Holiday Trade Show

We had a great time at the HH Backer Pet Industry Trade Show in Chicago October 14-16th. We had a great location and had many visitors to our Product display and Exhibition Booth!

PhysiPet LLC Booth #4353

PhysiPet LLC Booth / HH Backer Pet Industry Holiday ShowVideo DIsplay at the HH Backer Trade Show

We set up a Video display to show how the PhysiPet can be used with a Variety of Pets in a wide range of environments!! Many attendees did not “initially’ understand how the PhysiPet worked. They did not understand how their pets would interact with the PhysiPet, but after viewing the Video and watching Envy (our on-site Puppy Model) demonstrate how the PhysiPet could entertain and exercise a puppy in a high energy environment like a trade show.



Here is Emily telling the Local Media about the Benefits of the PhysiPet  and how it can enhance the relationships between pet and Parent.

Emily detailing the PhysiPets benfits and surprises to the local media

Emily describing the features of the PhysiPet to the Local Media


Envy and her new Favorite toy~PhysiPet


 Here is Envy, the Star of the Booth. She was courteous enough to lend a hand and demonstrate the functionality of the PhysiPet for the Attendees at the Show. She found a favorite chew/squeek toy until we introduced the Treat Dispensing toy attached to the Medium PhysiPet.. Watch how it kept the attention of this energetic puppy, during a very busy show!!




Envy found a treat dispensing toy.. How long will it last....


Going and Going and Going......


Going.......and Going.....

Envy was so entranced by the PhysiPet, she started to draw a crowd. Most would watch, then say, “My dog would drag that everywhere!?”, watch the Video, and return nodding with approval!!

Envy's Crowd.... Oh there's a PhysiPet in there somewhere.. LOL

We were able to let a few of the Attendee’s pets try the PhysiPet and became temporary Doggie Sitters while their pets enjoyed the PhysiPet.

Trying the PhysiPet for the 1st Time!!

Here are a few more pictures of happy new PhysiFriends!!

Really Having Fun with the PhysiPet

Eventually Envy worked her way back to the treat dispensing toy attached to the Medium PhysiPet and worked until she got very tired….

Envy found her way Back to the Treat Dispensing toy attached to the Medium PhysiPet!!

See videos and gain more information at Exercise Play Rule

 Try A PhysiPet for your Pet Family today to enrich your pet’s life with Exercise & Entertainment!!

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