The PhysiPET on the set of Law and Order with Richard Belzer and Danny Pino

PhysiPET has reached the Big Time!!

Richard Belzer and BeBe' playing with the PhysiPET on the Set of Law and Order

Richard, and BeBe playing on their time between takes

PhysiPET on Set with Richard Belzer and BeBe’

We were invited to the Set of Law and Order SVU to meet with Richard Belzer and some of his famous friends to show them the PhysiPET! Richard and BeBe’ are good friends of the PhysiPET. We were able to introduce Jinga , one of Richard’s other dog’s, to the PhysiPET a few years ago.

Law & Order Star Danny Pino and BeBe’ on Set

Danny Pino and BeBe' Playing during a free moment on Set with the PhysiPET

Danny Pino, BeBe, and the PhysiPet






Danny Pino and BeBe’ playing with the PhysiPET on Location in Chelsea Piers. Danny seemed very interested in the PhysiPET and Hopefully we will be able

to get him one for his canine pals!! The PhysiPET is a great tool for pets left at home, or for those fortunate enough to bring their pets to work. The PhysiPET is an interactive toy, that allows your pet to play and interact for hours on it’ s own. Visit today or   to see the PhysiPET in action.

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